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And The Ten Commandments Were Bestowed Upon the World Again

Trillion Diamond Company recreates the Ten Commandments

on the world’s most precious stone, a diamond


January, 2005, New York – Millions of years ago God gave the people a sign of hope by assigning a set of rules to live by.  Now history is repeating itself.  Trillion Diamond Company has cut and inscribed its own version of the Ten Commandments.  This diamond holds the true beauty of the original at a fraction of the size.  This is a stone that you can truly live by.


Now the Commandments, which are studied by many religions around the world, are inscribed on one of the world’s most precious stones, a diamond. 


“When I saw this incredible creation for the first time, the Ten Commandments Diamond®, I felt the most profound emotional reaction” says Gabi Tolkowsky, the world renowned master diamond cutter, “the image of the stone, this creation, is still carved behind my eyes, in my heart, and will stay as such.”


This diamond, being cut in the Trillion Diamond Company factory in New York City’s diamond district, is the first of its kind.  The words of the original Ten Commandments are easily read with the aid of a magnifying glass.  The English text is permanently laser inscribed on the table facet of the diamond.


“The moment you touch the Ten Commandments Diamond® you get a response, it becomes your own temperature… it becomes you” Tolkowsky continues, “It’s an amulet, a part of yourself, and you are reminded of what it says.  It will self correct your actions”


“Whether you wear it as a pendant or keep it in your pocket, the Ten Commandments Diamond® is a blessing that was first given to a lost group of people on Mt. Sinai and now can be given to loved one’s who are in need of a blessing” says Marvin Finker, president of the Trillion Diamond Company.


Trillion Diamond Company is a family owned and run business since 1947.  They are best known as the creator of the trillion cut diamond that they now call Trielle®.  Trillion Diamond Company always provides their customers with the top level of customer satisfaction..



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