Trielle is a unique diamond that differs substantially from any other triangular diamond on the market. Its uniqueness comes from:
  1. Having been the world's first and only patented triangular brilliant cut diamond,
  2. Its precision high quality cutting, and
  3. Its unusual fire and brilliance.
This distinctive cut was awarded a United States Patent (No. D250,100). The patent guaranteed two things:
  1. Each Trielle diamond is cut to the most exacting specifications, and
  2. No imitator can provide a triangular diamond with anywhere near the same brilliance and fire.
The Trielle diamond has a large well proportioned surface area. This feature results in a "big look" as compared to the body weight of the diamond. A one carat Trielle diamond looks as large as a one-and-a-half carat round diamond! This feature gives the Trielle diamond extra value by providing a more substantial look for the money.

Other triangular shaped diamonds do not offer the same value as the Trielle diamond. They are generally cut for maximum yield, resulting in a dull, "washed out" stone that is poorly cut and less symmetrical. Moreover, other diamonds offer no consistency. Their sides may be unequal in length, and corners may be improperly angled. Matching these stones is a very difficult process.

Every Trielle diamond is an equilateral triangle that is cut with 50 facets 41 (including the table and culet) plus nine girdle facets.