Every Trielle customer is guaranteed three essential factors: precision, consistency, and quality. No other triangular diamond can make these guarantees.

Precision: Every Trielle diamond is precision-cut to the strictest standards. This is guaranteed by the U.S. Patent specifications. Sides are always symmetrical, and critical angles are always maintained in the crown, pavilion and girdle.

Consistency: Trielle diamonds are cut with absolute consistency. Every Trielle diamond ￿ from 20 points to five carats and larger ￿ is cut with identical proportions. If one stone of a matching set is ever lost matching a replacement is simple.

Quality: Trielle diamonds are cut only in the factory of Trillion Diamond Co., Inc. in the United States; where quality craftsmanship and consistency are guarenteed. (This costs more ￿ American labor is more expensive ￿ but the resulting quality is worth it).