The Key To the Trielle Diamond's Brilliance Is Precision Cutting.

Trielle diamonds are cut from macles ￿ hard, flat, often triangular-shaped rough diamonds which usually contain a twin crystal. Because of the many irregularities in the graining of this type of rough diamond, a high degree of cutting expertise is required.

The pavilion angles are cut first to shape the rough diamond and create depth. The Trielle diamond will lose some of its ability to reflect light if its pavilion is not angled accurately. If the pavilion is cut too deep, or too shallow, the finished stone will appear dull. To maintain the critical angles on the pavilion that are necessary for proper light reflection, the cutter leaves a slightly open culet. The unique effect is a diamond that can reflect light from its points as well as from its culet.


After the pavilion angles, the crown facets are cut and the proportions of the table are determined. Care is taken at this point to make sure that the table proportions and crown angles are just right. This ensures the brilliance associated with the Trielle.

The girdle facets are then polished by Trillion Diamond Co.'s highly - skilled technicians, who make sure that the resulting shape is a perfectly equilateral triangle.

The table and culet are polished last to ensure that there are no scratches or bruises on the stone before the final step. The final step is called brillianteering. It is in this final step that the accuracy of cutting is most crucial. At this point each facet is formed symmetrically-one facet in relation to another.

Even though the brillianteering is the most exacting of the cutting steps, any lack of precision in the cutting of any single facet will diminish the perfect proportions that create a Trielle diamond's brilliance.

A Trielle diamond requires that light be able to enter through its girdle; therefore it is recommended that Trielle diamonds not be bezel-set. Also, Trielle diamonds should always be set in white prongs. Yellow prongs will sometimes reflect their color into the Trielle diamond making it appear yellowish.