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From the originators of the trillion cut, the Trielle® Design Collection is a collaboration of creative inspiration between the designer, cutter and jeweler. The exclusive cut of the Trielle brand trillion diamonds unleashes a fire and brilliance unmatched by other cuts. Trielle brand trillion diamonds are also available loose as single stones, beautifully matched pairs, and layouts. No wonder the finest jewelers and designers select Trielle.

As a world renown jewelry designer, Thomas Alt was the first Canadian to win the prestigious USA Spectrum Award as well as innumerable other DeBeer's design awards. His jewelry has been displayed in many distinguished galleries from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., to the GIA in Santa Monica, CA. His designs have also been exhibited in major cities from Munich, to New York, to Tokyo, and many other world centers.

Thomas Alt, as a Master Jeweller and Certified Gemologist, working with a variety of gem stones as well as diamonds, describes his design criteria simply: to make his pieces Unique, but always keeping in mind that they should not age themselves, and most of all, be Very Wearable while stating the customers appreciation of the Quality and Design.

Thomas is proud to have been invited to design for the Trielle collection. Working closely with Trillion Diamond Company, the creators of the Trielle, Thomas has designed a beautiful collection especially suited to the exceptional brilliance of the Trielle cut. These Thomas Alt exclusive designs are indicated throughout the catalog with the Thomas Design logo.

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